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Comparabooblog | March 29, 2017

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10 Must-Have Tools for Successful DIY

Photo By:  JRoy

Photo By: JRoy

These 10 essential tools are a great place to start when building your first DIY toolbox! You can buy them individually or you can buy a kit that includes most of these tools. Tools are an investment and will never go to waste. Whether you plan on redoing your bathroom yourself, need to change a plug, are putting up a new picture frame or want to try an exciting art project, these tools will make it easier. 

1. Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer

No toolkit is complete without a hammer. A claw hammer is great because not only do you use it to pound nails into a wall for hanging pictures or into wood to build shelves, but you can use the back to pull out unwanted nails from objects or quickly start over if nails have gone in skew. There are a variety of these available, here is a Top Rated List to help you choose.



2. Screwdrivers


If you have ever found yourself scratching through your cutlery draw for a butter knife to tighten a screw for something, then you need one of these. Flat screwdrivers and Phillips screwdrivers are a necessity to any DIY toolbox and a good kit, like these Screwdriver Sets, will have these two essentials in various sizes.



3. Pliers


Pliers are not just an essential tool for DIY and home maintenance but they can bend wire and help with lots of craft activities too! There are loads of these tools available. Choosing something with a vise grip that locks means it could also be used as a clamp. Types of pliers include: Slip joint pliers, water pump pliers, the linesman’s pliers , the needle-nose pliers and buying a good quality set, compared on this Pliers List, will give you variety.



4. Wrench


This is the tool you need to tighten or loosen all those nuts and bolts. Or loosen plumbing fixtures in the bathroom when your toddler has stuffed his favorite action hero down the sink. Buying an adjustable wrench, like this Top Ranked Stanley Wrench, makes it one-size-fits-all and means you will only need one wrench in your box.


5. Tape Measure

tape measure

When it comes to DIY, this may be the most important tool. Measure a room, a wall or the window to see what size blinds you need. Make sure the appliances you are buying will fit into the space you want them or measure where you want to move some furniture too, to save time and aggravation. 16-Foot length tapes are suitable for most jobs and if you want to know which ones are the best, this Tape Measure Comparison will help you find the best one for you.


6. Level


Ever hung up a new family portrait and stood back to look at your handwork, only to find that you have to drop your head to the side for a better view? You are not alone! A level will help you hang and install all sorts of items from shelves and TV’s and make sure they are level and perfectly aligned. There are a lot of levels to choose from, laser or magnetic, and it may seem daunting. To help you compare, we’ve put together this Top Rated List of Levels


7. Utility Knife

utility knife

These are great for crafts as well as bigger DIY jobs. Use these to open boxes, sharpen pencils or cut up old carpeting. Choose one with a good solid handle, with good grip, to avoid nasty slips. Size is also important for precision work, and this is why the Gerber is first on our Top 10 Rated List.


8. Headlight or work light


To be prepared for low light situations, make sure you have a work light or torch on your tools shopping list. The headlight, like these Top 10 Headlamps,  are the most convenient of these, as you can keep your hands free to do the work that is needed.


9. Electric Drill

Electric Drill

Because there are just some things your screwdriver can’t do, an electric drill will make up for the short fall. Use them as a screwdriver or drill holes for installation. They come with varying sized bits for small or large holes and there are a lot of cordless varieties that are handy for those hard to reach places or outside DIY where there may be no power. Here is a Cordless Drill Comparison to help you decide on the right one.


10. Toolbox


Last but not least, you will need something efficient to put all these tools into. A place to keep them all together, keep your bits and bobs safe and offer convenient storage. There are so many toolboxes to choose from: metal or plastic, with or without wheels and in many different sizes. It all depends on how many tools you have and what your storage requirements are. Here is a helpful Toolbox Comparison on Comparaboo, to help you decide.



With these tools in your handy toolbox, you are well on your way to becoming a DIY professional and are ready for your first DIY Challenge.  For more DIY tips, follow our DIY Home And Garden board on Pinterest. To find out which of  these and other products are the best, visit Comparaboo for our Top Rated Product Lists!

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Main Photo By: J>Roy 

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