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Comparabooblog | March 29, 2017

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A Halloween party in 10 easy steps!

A Halloween party in 10 easy steps!


1: Pick your theme

Before deciding on decor or food, first pick your theme. There are loads of themes that can make your party frightfully awesome. From a classic Halloween theme to something more specific like ghosts, zombies, scary movies, witches or vampires, there are ideas for any taste.  Whether you choose family friendly or an extra scary affair, deciding on your theme first, will make the rest of the steps as easy as 1, 2, Boo!

2: Send the invites

Now that you have a theme, it is time to invite your friends and family. If you want to do something extra special, there are a lot of electronic mailer and printable options to suit any theme. Some online sites, like Greetings Island, allow you to edit and print your invites yourself, which will save you lots of time and help you get those invites out with enough time for your guests to plan their costumes.

3: Turn your home into spook central

Halloween is the one day of the year where cobwebs are not only acceptable but encouraged. Jack-o-lanterns can be color matched to your theme and pumpkins can be spray painted to any color. There are many creative ideas to wow your guests. You can even forgo the standard pumpkin and choose one of these Unique DIY Pumpkins from Goodhousekeeping. Anything from fake spiders, to balloons and candles can add the perfect atmosphere to your party. Here are the Best Rated Decorations to help you decide.

4: Plan food and drinks to die for

Decide on a menu that fits your theme. Some simple ideas include Halloween inspired cupcakes and finger foods. Follow our Halloween Pinterest Board for some more snacking ideas. And no Halloween party is complete without an appropriately scary punch! Whether you go for a child-friendly strawberry or vodka flavored zombie purple, your guests will love a good Halloween punch.

5: Don’t forget the candy

It is not Halloween without a bit of candy and stocking up beforehand will make sure you have plenty to go around for guests and local trick-or-treaters! For the adventurous and health conscious try these, truly delicious homemade candy recipes. You can also buy gift bags and let guests help themselves to sweet treats to take home.

6: Choose your frightening entertainment

Plan your entertainment beforehand. Spooky music like Michael Jackson’s Thriller is always a crowd-pleaser and if you are going with a zombie theme, it will make the music even more impressive. Make sure you have your blu-ray ready for a Best Halloween movies marathon, if you have decided on a movie theme. Or set up some fun games for the kids, like “boo!” tag, pin the nose on the witch or Halloween Bingo to make your party fun for the whole family.

7: Get ready to dress the part

No matter your theme, there are a million costume ideas out there. Whether you go homemade or store bought, costumes will make your party and add great entertainment value. Even your dog can be a superhero for the night! To help you with some ideas, here is the Best Rated Costumes for October 2014.

8: Make sure you have the essentials

For those larger parties, plastic cups, forks and plates can save you a lot of cleaning up the next day. Charge your camera and smartphone, so they’re ready to take photos of all the action. It is always helpful to have a spare costume accessory or two around, for those guests that don’t have time to grab their costumes before the event. And remember, you can never have too much ice or too much candy!

9: Include some extras to amaze your friends

To make your party stand out from the rest, things like fog machines, projected movies playing around the house, glow-in the dark body paint and recorded screams on your surround sound, will score you great scare points from your party guests.

10: Almost party time

It is always recommended to let your neighbors know you are having a bash. Send them a note with some candy or invite them along to ensure you won’t be disturbing anyone. With that being said… put on your costume, pour the punch, your Halloween party is ready for action!

Guest Blogger: Nicole Blanckenberg

Main Photo by: Andres Ruff Custom Designs


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