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Comparabooblog | March 29, 2017

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9 Black Friday tips that will save you time and money!

9 Black Friday tips that will save you time and money!andrewarchy" class="scale-with-grid" data-thumb=""/>

There is no doubt, Black Friday has earned its place as the busiest shopping day of the year. As prices come down and everyone fights to get deals ahead of the gift giving season, it is easy for us to get blinded by so much product-bling that we forget ourselves – and our budgets. But Black Friday is a great opportunity to get those things we have had our eyes on for a reduced price without compromising on quality and these 9 tips will help you get more out of the day.

1: Make a list

Photo by: M Car

Make a list of all the things you are hoping to buy this Black Friday. This is important because once you get to the store, it is easy to forget everything when faced with all those deal signs. A lot of people (including myself) have fallen prey to buying bad quality products they didn’t need. Comparaboo is the perfect place to start when making your lists, to see which products are rated best in each category, make sure you get a good deal on a good quality product.

2: Do your homework

Photo by: Money Images

Photo by: Money Images

If you aren’t already signed up for e-newsletters and following your favorite retailers on social media, then do it today! There are a lot of stores that are starting to release their promotion and sale items, as well as coupons for loyal customers, and keeping track of this will help you monitor where you can find the items on your list for the best prices. Black Friday Apps are also a good way to keep track of trending deals and products right up until the day.

3: Be a smart shopper

Photo By: andrewarchy

Photo By: andrewarchy

The best ways to know if a deal is good is to: 1 – Know the original selling price and what accessories that price included. 2 – Price shop ahead of time, comparing online stores, comparison sites like Comparaboo, and stores in your neighborhood. Buying a slow cooker on sale, for example, is great but if the saving is not big and the price originally included added accessories that it  doesn’t on Black Friday, it may land up costing you more. Keep an eye on product specs and follow, which leaks valuable in-store and online sales information.


4: Plan your route

Photo By: 410K

Photo By: 410K


Calling stores on the Wednesday before Black Friday to find out when their sale starts will make sure you are there on time. Visiting these stores beforehand is even better! This is because you will be able to scope out where the products you want are located, and plan your strategy and store routes accordingly. Plan the stores you will visit, based on your list, in the order of importance. That way, if things get hairy, you can bow out gracefully with the knowledge that your top choices are safe in your shopping bag.


5: Time it perfectly

Photo By: Nomadic Las
Photo By: Nomadic Las

Stores may offer bigger discounts at certain times of the day, so check your local listings and shop according to which products are most important. A lot of stores traditionally offer much higher savings between 5 and 10 am on Black Friday morning, and there are stores opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving that are advertising better deals that will reward early birds with great prices.


6: Prepare for a marathon, not a sprint


Photo By: Hamed Parham

Photo By: Hamed Parham

This is a heavy duty day of shopping, and preparing ahead of time will make it a lot more enjoyable. If you are prepared, you can not only shop for yourself, but get all your holiday shopping in before the Christmas rush. Dress for comfort by wearing sneakers and layered clothing that you can easily whittle down as it gets hotter. Pack a snack and some water to ensure you can sustain many hours in the lines. And if the store you are going to has offered to price match promotions (bonus!), make sure you have copies of those advertised prices with you. And lastly, don’t forget your list!


7: Try this best kept secret 

Photo By: Wonderlane

Photo By: Wonderlane

If you want to beat the crowds in a big way this year, some credit card companies offer the convenient promotion of allowing buyers to buy items before the black Friday sale and then they will reimburse the difference between what was paid and what the black Friday price was. For this, you will need to submit a receipt and an ad showing the price difference, as well as a claim form within 60 days to take advantage of this service.

8: Keep your receipt

Photo By: Brad Montgomery

Photo By: Brad Montgomery

Hang onto receipts – not only to enjoy credit card promotions, but also because buying something on sale doesn’t mean you need to accept a bad quality product or something that may have been trampled on by half a dozen soccer moms in a scramble for the last one. Your receipt is your warranty, so keep it in a safe place, just in case.

9: You can forgo the crowds altogether

Photo By:  Mr.TinDC

Photo By:

If you have decided to avoid the mall entirely this year, you won’t be disappointed. A lot of retailers start online sales from 6pm Thanksgiving day. Not only will you enjoy great deals, but you can save yourself a full day of running from store to store. To find prices of the best brands, Comparaboo offers price comparison options, helping you make the best informed money saving decision. If you are unable to avoid the crowds by getting there early or shopping online, then these additional Black Friday Shopping Etiquette Tips will help you get what you want without stepping on anyone’s toes.


Guest blogger: Nicole Blanckenberg


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