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Comparabooblog | March 29, 2017

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3 Tips To Make Your Mo Memorable This Movember

3 Tips To Make Your Mo Memorable This MovemberGinny" class="scale-with-grid" data-thumb=""/>

In 2003, a group of friends in Australia decided to each spend thirty days growing a moustache in honor men and moustaches everywhere. Since then, Movember has become a men’s health awareness goliath, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for prostate and testicular cancer initiatives from hundreds of thousands of men around the globe. But for those of us who aren’t already sporting a manly mo, Movember is our chance to join the ranks of our bearded and bushy-lipped brethren and do our bit for charity. Here are the  top three tips to get the most out of this year’s Movember:

Photo By: marlenedd

Photo By: marlenedd

Tip #1: Grow Your Mo for Charity

Movember may be a great reason to slack off on your shaving, but why not do it for a greater good. The Movember US website is your ultimate resource for fundraising this month. Set up a page and then start spamming your friends and family with requests for all their hard earned money. If they don’t pay up, you can always threaten to keep the ‘stache even after the month is over!

Tip #2: Let Your Mo Tell a Story

How you grow your moustache is highly personal. Will you go for a more traditional regent, a la 80’s heartthrob Tom Selleck? Or perhaps a less full but equally fabulous fu-manchu, like our childhood hero Hulk Hogan? (Use a beard trimmer to get this one just right ) How about something more subdued (and infinitely more achievable for the less-follicly-gifted), like the Pencil moustache of mister John Waters? There’s no right or wrong answer here, gents; choose whichever strikes your fancy. You can always switch it up throughout the month, but word from the wise – your girlfriend may not like it if you totally let yourself go and forget to trim that nose hair .

Tip #3: Maintain Your Mo Like a Pro

Yes, Movember is an excuse to skip your upper lip but don’t forego shaving entirely. (Unless you are a lumberjack, cross-Appalachian hiker , or a 19th century British Army officer.) How you shave is important, and so is what you use to do it. As with how you curate your crumb-catcher, there are a number of options here as well, so choose the one that is best for you. The general consensus is to avoid electric razors this Movember. Opt instead for a cartridge or safety razor  (while straight razors are best left to barbers) to shave around your ‘stache, and make sure that whichever one you’re using is sharp. Use a natural shaving cream  – no menthols or numbing agents here – and shave after your shower, not during, as it can irritate your skin (and wastes a ton of water).

Happy growing gentleman! Remember, Movember is a full 30 days to be the man you always knew you could be – social rules against facial hair be damned! What kind of Mo will you be sporting this Movember? We would like to hear from you!


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