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Comparabooblog | March 29, 2017

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Kindle’s Best: Introducing the Kindle Family

Kindle’s Best: Introducing the Kindle Family

New Kindle Release 2016: Amazon’s Kindle Oasis

The kindle has almost become synonymous with e-book digital reading, with the exception of some worthy contenders like the Nook or Kobo. But Amazon’s extensive lending library and the whole Amazon ecosystem that comes with has put its competitors through some really tough competition.

With such a diverse and versatile range of e-readers that each appeal to different user needs and desires, you are bound to find one that will amp your style. Today we bring you all you need to know about the Kindle range, including the new Kindle Oasis that is set to launch later this month.

Kindle Oasis


Brighter, smaller, and thinner – is what the newest addition to the Kindle family promises to be. But what takes the cake is the design principle behind this device. Designed to enable the user to conveniently grasp the device with just one hand, the Kindle Oasis has an asymmetric design that is tapered to one side (where the page buttons are located), and when coupled with an ergonomic grip, makes for a firm grasp even with single-handed use.

What really gives the Kindle Oasis its name, however, is its unparalleled battery life that makes for taking it to distant places without electricity – like an oasis – possible. It has a dual battery-charging system that recharges simultaneously while the device is being connected to the charger. The first battery is inbuilt into the device while the second lithium-ion cell is hidden within the special detachable leather cover that comes with the device. Unlike its predecessors that can usually last up to only a couple of weeks on standby, the Kindle Oasis can last for up to 2 months on standby.


Kindle Voyage


The Kindle Voyage shares largely similar product specifications as the Kindle Oasis, sans the dual-battery system, the ergonomic grip and asymmetric design, and only has 6 LED lights instead of the 10 that the Oasis has. But costing almost two-thirds the price of the Oasis, the Voyage retains its spot as one of the most affordable top-line ebook readers. If you think you will appreciate adaptive light settings and a sharper screen resolution, but don’t see yourself requiring the ergonomic single-handed grip or dual-battery system that the Oasis has to offer, the Voyage will fit you quite perfectly.


Kindle PaperWhite


Considered by many as the best in the whole Kindle family – the Kindle PaperWhite is one that balances style, functionality, and cost. Retaining its spot as Amazon’s best-selling e-reader yet, the PaperWhite has all of the functions that the Voyage has, except for the Voyage’s page press buttons and adaptive lighting. It is also slightly larger and thicker in size. But coming at a price tag of $119, it really is up to users whether they are willing to pay a premium for the additional functions that come with the Voyage. There is one aspect in which the PaperWhite eclipses the Voyage, though, and that is battery life. According to Amazon, the PaperWhite can last up to eight weeks with thirty minutes of reading per day, while the Voyage can only last up to six weeks when used for the same amount of time.




The most basic of the entire range, the Kindle is for those who are looking for a frills-free e-reader and doesn’t mind compromising on screen resolution. There are three main differences between the Kindle and its other more qualified successors: shorter battery life, lower screen resolution, and the absence of built-in light. If you don’t mind charging your e-reader a bit more frequently, it can last you between 2 to 4 weeks between charges, depending on how much time you spend reading. If you don’t find yourself reading a lot at night or in the dark, then the absence of a built-in light will hardly be an issue for you. And coming at a price tag of $79.99, more than 30% cheaper than the PaperWhite, this compromise in product specifications is really up to the individual user.


At a glance: comparing the Kindles

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All images and comparison table from Amazon


  1. This new Kindle is amazing! I bought it a week ago for my husband and he just loves it.
    The leather cover feels very luxurious and overall I think it’s the best Kindle we had.

  2. Well, except the fact the Amazon Kindle Oasis is pretty expensive it’s pretty solid. I love using it.

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