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Comparabooblog | March 29, 2017

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Your Guide To Buying a GoPro Case

CamKix GoPro case Smatree GoPro Case
Yehuda Posnick

If you go traveling, you’ll certainly want to save your experiences with some nice photographs. The GoPro line of cameras was developed for amateurs to be able to get professional-quality photos. But there are a lot of accessories that GoPro makes, that help you maximize your camera’s ability. There are chest mounts, handlebar mounts, selfie sticks, and more. And don’t forget batteries for your camera as well. You also may have sensitive electronics, like memory cards and even hard disks with stored photos. How are you going to manage to carry all these things with you? So you should invest in a good GoPro case to protect your equipment, that is also easy to transport from place to place. Here is a guide to some of the best GoPro cases on the market.

CamKix GoPro case

CamKix Carrying Case for GoPro Camera

GoPro Case Types

  • Heavy-duty, waterproof GoPro case: These are cases that protect your camera equipment under all weather and outdoors conditions. Unfortunately, they also will require you to sacrifice space. These cases will be big, bulky, and heavy. You won’t be able to pack them in a backpack. Pelican makes hard GoPro cases in a number of sizes. They also make cases with or without protective foam, or with padded dividers.

  • Rigid GoPro case with foam dividers: These are smaller cases, but they also have a foam cutout that fits certain GoPro accessories perfectly. The disadvantage is that you need to have camera accessories that the case accomodates. You can put in a second camera, but it might not fit so snugly.

  • Adventure GoPro case: This is a small padded case with compartments. This is better, because there is no foam or plastic cutout that uses up the internal space. But the protective case is not so rigid.

  • RollPro case: This is a soft wallet with many pockets and compartments, that you roll up. Some let you hold up to three cameras, or just one camera. The advantage here is that the size of the case will change according to the amount of gear that you pack away in it. The drawback is that it doesn’t hold larger GoPro accessories.

Smatree GoPro Case

Smatree SmaCase GA500

What People are Saying

Based on all the consumers’ reviews we’ve scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

  • GoPro case with pre-cut foam inserts: These are good for compartmentalizing all your GoPro equipment. But they take up a lot of space in the case—much of a hard case will be occupied with the foam inserts.

  • Zipper pocket: It’s important that the GoPro case’s internal pocket closes with a zipper. If it doesn’t, you’ll encounter situations where you open the case and your equipment tends to fall out all at once.

  • Must-have” accessories: One of the “must have” GoPro accessories that don’t take up too much space is the suction cup mount. You hook it up to the side of your car or boat (or any perfectly flat surface), and it holds your camera in place, to take the most unbelievable pictures. It will hold on as long as it doesn’t get a strong impact. You probably will want some telescoping GoPro poles to extend your reach when filming.

  • Cases with accessories: Some cases come with accessories. For example, the CamKix case comes with a skeleton frame and tripod adapter (that helps you mount your camera) and a lens cover (which helps protect the lens during time-lapse photography). The Smatree case comes with as many as 25 accessories!

    Useful Tips for Shoppers

  • Water- and dust-proof: There are cases that don’t let water or dust penetrate. The GoPro camera itself is waterproof, (up to 40 meters depth), but you want to protect your memory cards and electronics from water. And you want to keep the lenses away from dust.

  • Recharger: Some cases have a space for a power bank. You then hook up a USB cable to power up your camera’s batteries. You should also try to have spare charged-up batteries with you, so that you are never in a situation without batteries.

  • Large accessories: There are large GoPro items that can only be carried around in big cases. For example, there is a 3-way mount: it functions as an extension arm, a camera grip, or tripod. But it’s too big for most cases. Also, the chest mount is handy (especially when going biking or skiing), but it won’t fit in most cases.

  • Padded dividers: People prefer the padded divider method of separating out the equipment, over the plastic cut-out method. This gives more flexibility in packing things, although the equipment does tend to bounce around inside somewhat.

    Top Brands

Camkixis a camera equipment company. They have their headquarters in Dayton, Wyoming. They make accessories for GoPro products, as well as mobile photography equipment. They have equipment to optimize the use of a smartphone for photography purposes.

SP Gadgets—is a company located in Newport Beach, California. They make Smartphone and Actioncam accessories, that allow you to take photographs in all kinds of conditions.

Pelican—has been making photography equipment since 1976. They are located in Torrance, California. They make protective cases for cameras while traveling, as well as portable lighting systems for hiking purposes.

Smatreeis part of the ShenZhen Mobai Technology company. They make sport camera accessories. They make power cases and GoPro accessories for taking photographs in all sorts of situations.

GoPro—was founded by Nicholas Woodman in 2002. They are based in San Mateo, California. They make action cameras and drones, with a wide range of accessories and apps.

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