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Comparabooblog | March 29, 2017

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Your Guide To Buying an Automatic Soap Dispenser

Your Guide To Buying an Automatic Soap Dispenser
Yehuda Posnick

Liquid hand soap has been around since 1865. In fact, frequent hand-washing, and better hygiene, is one of the reasons for fewer infectious diseases in the 20th century. People nowadays prefer liquid hand soap over a bar of soap. It’s more economical, concentrated, and also more hygienic. (You don’t have all sorts of people handling the same bar of soap.) Liquid soap dispensers give out a measured amount of soap. And the automatic soap dispenser is an important disease prevention strategy. It releases a small amount of liquid soap as you pass your hand in front of a sensor. Besides being more sanitary, it also lends a sci-fi, hi-tech ambiance to your home. But there are still variations in the design. Here is a guide to some of the best automatic soap dispensers on the market.

Hayden Autosoap - Premium Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

Hayden Autosoap – Premium Touchless Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic Soap Dispenser Types

Automatic soap dispensers work on a number of mechanisms:

  • Infrared sensor: The dispenser emits an infrared signal, much like a remote control for your television. When a person puts their hands (or any opaque object) in the path of the infrared light, some of it bounces back and is detected by the dispenser’s sensor. That gives a signal to dispense some soap.

  • Laser light sensor: This emits a beam of laser light. When something blocks the laser beam, it activates the soap pump.

  • Passive infrared sensor: This picks up the infrared radiation that is naturally given off by the warmth of your hands. It then pumps out a pre-measured amount of liquid soap.

    simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Pump

    simplehuman 8 oz. Sensor Pump

What People Are Saying

Based on all the consumers’ reviews we’ve scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

  • Squirts out soap only when you want: You want a reliable sensor. The Rickyaaron is a bit high-priced, but the sensor is positioned in such a way that it doesn’t squirt out soap unless your hand is close to the sensor (right underneath the nozzle). Some customers complained about the simplehuman model that it sometimes squirts soap when you don’t want to.

  • Different types of soap: The simplehuman automatic soap dispenser accepts a variety of soaps: dish-washing liquid, antibacterial soap, or moisturizing soap. The Rickyaaron can work on any soap—you can also dilute the soap, to save money.

  • Mounting unit: There are a couple of designs of how to mount the automatic soap dispenser. Some mount using adhesive tape, while others require installing wall screws. Still others have a no-slip rubber base.

  • On/off switch: Some models have an on/off switch—that will save the battery power (and also avoid triggering the device accidentally).

  • Lifetime: Some people complain that their automatic soap dispenser stopped working after a year. They say that it’s because their dispenser worked on a series of rubber rings that are driven by the motor. As the rubber stretches over time, the parts don’t move as well anymore. A better design, as in the simplehuman dispenser, is one that runs on a series of interlocking gears. That design will last longer.

Useful Tips for Shoppers

  • Clear glass receptacle: If the dispenser has a clear receptacle for the soap, you can know when you’re running low on soap. For example, the simplehuman and Rickyaaron automatic soap dispensers feature a clear receptacle. Also, the simplehuman model is easier to refill, because the opening of the receptacle is especially wide.

  • Not too sensitive a sensor: You don’t want the sensor to pick up every motion—it’ll be squirting out soap when you don’t want.

  • Adjustable volume of soap: The Rickyaaron soap dispenser has two settings for dispensing soap: 0.6 ml, and 1.2 ml. You can adjust it to the amount of soap you need (and how dirty your hands are). The Hayden dispenser has three different settings of amounts of soap.

  • Number of batteries it needs: The Hayden Autosoap dispenser works on 4 “AA” batteries, which will last for about a year. But there are models that require only 2 “AA” batteries. The Phillipe Taglioni model (works on 4 “AAA” batteries) has an indicator light that goes on when the battery power is low.

Top Brands

simplehumanare makers of simple, functional tools for everyday uses. They make trash cans and trash can liners, soap pumps, sensor mirrors, and kitchen and bathroom tools.

Philippe Taglioniis a company that designs hands-free soap dispensers, as well as milk frothers. His products are both functional and highly artistic.

Haydenare makers of homeware goods. They are located in London, United Kingdom. They are makers of a hands-free soap dispenser. They also make a variety of products for the home.

Stogaare makers of touchless soap dispensers. They also make innovative and artistic products for the bath and kitchen, as well as electronic devices.

Newcomdigiwas originally founded in 2005 as the Shanghai Xiao-hui Trade Company. One of their products is a hands-free soap dispenser.

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