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Comparabooblog | March 29, 2017

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Your Guide To Buying a Headband Magnifier

FiveJoy Headband Magnifier
Yehuda Posnick

If you do delicate work on a regular basis, a headband magnifier is a very useful device. It’s a big improvement on a loupe magnifying glass, where you view through the magnifier with only one eye. A headband magnifier can allow you to view objects with both eyes. And the advantage over other magnifying glasses is that both of your hands are free. Headband magnifiers come in a series of designs and magnifications. Which one you choose is largely a matter of what kind of work you have to do, and how you do it. Here is a guide to some of the best headband magnifiers on the market.

FiveJoy Headband Magnifier

FiveJoy Handsfree Head Mount Magnifier with Detachable LED Head Lamp

Types of Headband Magnifier

  • Removable lenses: These are headband magnifiers that allow you to remove one lens and replace it with another. The Yoctosun magnifier uses this design. The Donegan visor also allows only one lens to be attached at a time. If you want to change the magnification, you have to replace the lens (which must be purchased separately). The FiveJoy headband magnifier allows you to use more than one magnifying lens at a time, for greater magnification. You can combine two lenses, so that the range of magnification can go from 1X to 6X.
  • Flip-down lenses: These are headband magnifiers where the lenses are fixed to the visor, and you flip them down or rotate them into position when you want higher magnification.

What People are Saying

Based on all the consumers’ reviews we’ve scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

  • Headband depends on how you do your work: When choosing a visor, the magnification is not the only important figure. Which headband is right for you also depends largely on the distance at which you hold the object on which you’re working. Choose the visor that focuses on the object at the distance that you feel is most comfortable. Otherwise, it may cause eyestrain, or neck and back problems if you have to lean over too much.

  • Other uses: A headband magnifier is useful in any situation where you have to see small detail. Some people mentioned using it to remove a bee stinger or a splinter. That’s besides the more professional uses, like for watch repair or jewelry.

Donegan DA-2 OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier, 1.5X Magnification Glass Lens Plate

Donegan DA-2 OptiVISOR Headband Magnifier, 1.5X Magnification Glass Lens Plate

Useful Tips for Shoppers

  • Comfort: A big factor with the headband magnifier is comfort. Most visors, such as the Donegan Headband Magnifier, have a screw in the back that can be loosened to set the circumference of the visor. You then tighten it when you get the right fit.
  • Attachable Loupe Lens: Some visors have an attachable loupe lens. That way, you can focus on the detail at a greater magnification. As in a regular loupe lens, only one eye gets the advantage of this extra magnification.
  • Illumination: A big plus in many of these visors is the LED illumination that they offer. Lighting up the area greatly improves the visibility. Take note of the field of vision: This is the area that you see looking through the lenses. As you increase in magnification, you’ll notice that the field of vision decreases. You see the object bigger, but you are looking at less of the object. And the more light that you’ll need to view the object. So LED lights that you can shine onto the object are a big advantage.

  • Material of the lenses: Cheaper models of headband magnifiers will use plastic lenses. Better, more professional models will employ glass or acrylic. But glass will tend to be heavier and more fragile than plastic.

Top Brands

SE—makes an illuminated LED head magnifier, which has a series of fixed lenses for higher magnification. You flip the lenses into position, according to the magnification that you desire. SE also makes various household tools and implements for crafts.

Fivejoyare manufacturers of a number of outdoors goods. They make a handsfree headmount magnifier, with a number of different magnifications. It also has a detachable LED lamp.

Donegan Opticalwas founded in 1952, making precision optical devices and parts for industry, home, and office. Their headquarters is in Lenexa, Kansas. They grind and polish glass on site, as well as distribute imported visual aids.

Yoctosunare manufacturers of a head mount magnifier. It has 5 interchangeable lenses, of different magnifications. They make a wide range of magnifying devices: magnifying glasses, lenses, dome magnifiers, and more.

Docooler—are makers of a head-mounted reading magnifier. It can magnify from 1.5X to 3.5X. They also make a series of other devices for illumination and magnification.

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