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Comparabooblog | March 29, 2017

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Your Guide To Buying a Hand Wrap

Ringside Hand Wraps Ringside Strap Hand Wrap Meister Hand Wraps
Yehuda Posnick

Boxing was popular even in Ancient Greece. There is evidence that the Greek boxers wrapped their hands with leather straps, to protect the hand. If you’re into boxing or martial arts, a hand wrap is important for preventing injury to the hand or wrist. The most common injuries are breaking of the metacarpal bones in the palm of the hand, or injuring the wrist from the impact. Wrapping the hands tightly with a hand wrap or glove underneath the boxing glove is a means of preventing that. Here is a guide to the types of hand wraps on the market.

Ringside Hand Wraps

Ringside Gel Hand Wraps

Hand Wrap Types

  • Training wraps: These are shorter strips, 98.5 inches long, made from cotton. They are not intended for hard contact.

  • Conventional hand wraps: These are the conventional length of 180-210 inches long. They are made from plain cotton, and do not stretch very much.

  • Mexican-style hand wraps: These have slightly more stretch to them. Because of this, they conform better to fit the hand, and have less of a chance of loosening while boxing.

  • Fingerless gloves: These are gloves with silicone gel and foam padding to dissipate the energy of the impact. It also protects the knuckles. They also feature a strap that goes around the wrist and is affixed with Velcro, or with a hook. Meister makes hand wrap gloves from elastic carbon fiber that molds onto the hand.

Ringside Strap Hand Wrap

Ringside Mexican-Style Boxing Handwraps

What People Are Saying

Based on all the consumers’ reviews we’ve scanned, these are the top things they mentioned about their new stuff:

  • Gel Gloves versus Conventional Wrap: Some customers say that the gloves with the silicone gel seem to absorb shock, whereas the conventional wrap is to keep your wrist and fingers in place so that they don’t get damaged. But the glove is a lot more convenient to wear than the wrap, which takes some time (and might even need a trainer to wrap it).

  • This Side Down”–You’ll notice on some strap models that the strap says “This Side Down” on one side. That is to ensure that, when you finish wrapping your hand, you end up with the Velcro fastener being able to finish the job. But not all of them have that warning: The Meister Adult 180” Hand Wraps don’t have that indication on them. So it’s something to note when making a purchase.

  • Glove wrap better for the punching bag: If you’re punching a punching bag, be sure you wear the boxing glove on top of the wrap. One customer warned that it’s not advisable to use only the gel glove wrap—they’re only intended to add some more protection to the wrists and knuckles. Without the boxing glove, you’ll seriously bruise your hands. But the gel glove wrap was better protection than the traditional wrap on the punching bag, in tandem with the boxing glove.

Meister Hand Wraps

Meister Adult 180″ Hand Wraps for MMA & Boxing

Useful Tips for Shoppers

  • Proper way to wrap the hands: It’s important to wrap your hands to protect them, but you also have to be careful that they 1) don’t come loose, or 2) don’t cut off circulation to the hand.

  • Longer wraps: The longer wrap provides more protection to your hand. There are wraps that are only 108 inches long, while some extend up to 210 inches. The shorter hand wraps are for people with smaller hands, and/or who are not going to have full contact. Ringside provides a chart, matching the length of the hand wrap to the weight of the boxer.

  • Good for other combat sports: Hand wraps are used in several sports besides conventional boxing: you can use them in Thai boxing (Muay Thai) and MMA as well.

  • Thumb loop: The end of the wrap will have a loop, into which you insert your thumb. That will be an indication of how you start wrapping.

  • Wrap around the wrist: The first wraps should be around your wrist. This keeps the wrist from bending while punching. If the impact of the punch is used to bend the wrist, it will lead to a less powerful punch.

  • Hand Wrap Wash Bag: If you have several hand wraps, they’ll get all tangled up if you try to launder them together. Also, the elastic in them will tend to stretch, which might ruin them. So Ringside made a wash bag just for this purpose. You put the hand wraps inside the bag, and then launder them together. That makes laundering them a lot easier.

  • Width: The strap-style hand wraps will come either 1 inch or 2 inches wide. It is largely a matter of preference and comfort which type of wrap to choose.

Top Brands

Ringside—is a maker of sporting goods for combat sports: gloves, shoes, punching bags, headgear, and more. They were founded in 1986, and have their headquarters is located in Lenexa, Kansas.

Everlastis a maker and designer of boxing and mixed martial arts equipment. They also make footwear and other accessories. They were founded in 1910 by Jacob Golomb, and are based in New York City, New York.

Meister MMAwas founded in 2006, and are producers of Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness gear. They are based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They make hand wraps, hand wrap rollers, boxing gloves, gym bags, athletic tape, and more.

Pro Impactare distributors of a range of sporting goods for boxing, MMA, cricket, soccer, rugby, cycling, baseball/softball, volleyball, lacrosse, and more.

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