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Comparabooblog | March 29, 2017

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Your Guide To Buying a Boogie Board

September 13, 2016 |

Even though the indigenous people in the Pacific Islands have been known to surf waves for hundreds of years, it was Tom Morey who invented the boogie board (also known as a “body board”). He already was used … Read More

Your Guide To Buying an Aloe Vera Gel

September 12, 2016 |

The aloe vera plant has a number of uses—and there is a huge industry of making use of its leaves. There are aloe vera juices, that allow you to drink the Vitamins C, E and beta carotene that … Read More

Your Guide To Buying a Marinade Injector

September 11, 2016 |

If you enjoy roasting or grilling meat, it’s important to keep the meat moist. Otherwise, you run the risk of the meat being about as tender as a piece of shoe leather! If you’re cooking meat in an … Read More

Your Guide To Buying a Magnifying Glass

September 4, 2016 |

You find yourself in all sorts of situations where you have to see detail better. Maybe you want to read small print on a label. If you are a stamp collector, a magnifying glass will help you see … Read More

Your Guide To Buying a Paintball Tank

September 1, 2016 |

Since it was introduced in the 1980s, paintball has become one of the world’s most popular sports. It’s exciting, while at the same time there is less of a risk of serious injury than in other sports. The … Read More

Your Guide To Buying an Automatic Soap Dispenser

September 1, 2016 |

Liquid hand soap has been around since 1865. In fact, frequent hand-washing, and better hygiene, is one of the reasons for fewer infectious diseases in the 20th century. People nowadays prefer liquid hand soap over a bar of … Read More

Your Guide To Buying an Outlet Timer

August 31, 2016 |

An outlet timer is useful in a number of ways. They can be programmed to turn appliances off and on at specified times. If you are expecting to leave your house for days at a time, you can … Read More

Your Guide To Buying a Portable Grill

August 31, 2016 |

If you enjoy camping, you’ll want some way to cook. You could roast food over a campfire. But a portable grill can give you almost all the amenities of cooking in your house. And many of them have … Read More

Your Guide To Buying a Travel Alarm Clock

August 30, 2016 | 2

When traveling, you try to take only the bare essentials with you. An alarm clock is one of those essentials—and a travel alarm clock itself provides only the minimal features. It’s always best to travel with your own … Read More

Your Guide to Buying a Chamomile Tea

August 30, 2016 |

The chamomile plant is a flower from the daisy family. Teas made from the chamomile flowers have been used for centuries for a number of medicinal purposes. People drink chamomile tea if they want to soothe an upset … Read More